Less than a month to go!

Blimey, where did January go?

I am still on target to run in the Paris Half Marathon on March 4 – it will be my first overseas event and I am thrilled to be raising money and awareness for Get Kids Going!, a national charity, headed by Sebastian Coe, which strives to get disabled children and young people into sport.

I have found training difficult in the past two months – mostly because of the long, dark nights and the fact I have mostly been running round the roads at night on my own. But luckily, the days are now  starting to lengthen and I am managing to get a short trail run of two or three miles in during the afternoons – I much prefer running off-road in the forest or countryside!

This weekend I did a ten-mile race, which went really well and I got my fastest time yet for that distance, so things are looking good.

I am still lacking in donations on the sponsorship front, so if you can spare a few pounds, please head over to my Virgin Money Giving page on:




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2017: a year of achievements…

It has been a challenging year, in more ways than one…

I started the year laid low with a chest infection, then a throat infection and then a nasty flare-up of psoriasis, which left me covered with spots and meant I could not run because of the open wounds on my feet.

I didn’t run for almost three months, but burst back onto the running scene with the ABP Southampton 10k in April.

A series of 10k events followed, including the Virgin British 10k in Westminster in July, which formed part of this year’s fundraising for the Psoriasis Association.

Also during the summer, I changed job roles and the newspaper I work for gained a new owner, which has meant some uncertainty and a number of changes, including learning to work with new software!

I tackled my first half marathon in August and incredibly I have gone on to run four half marathons this autumn, as well as the ten-mile Great South Run.

This time of year I like to take stock of what I have achieved and I am pleased to say the outward signs of psoriasis have pretty much disappeared now – hopefully the manky skin and spots won’t come back for some time!

Looking to 2018, I have launched a new charity challenge, Kate’s Paris Half, which will see me run 13.1 miles in Paris in March.

Ever since I took up running in 2016, it has made me appreciate how strong my body is and how lucky I am to experience the sense of freedom and achievement which running brings.

As a child in the 1980s, I was brought up on the Olympic performances of Sebastian Coe and now, a few decades later, I am proud to be fundraising for Get Kids Going! – of which, Lord (Sebastian) Coe is president.

Get Kids Going! is a national charity, which gives disabled people and young children aged up to 26 the opportunity to participate in sports of all kinds.

It provides specially built sports wheelchairs and inspires British disabled youngsters from all backgrounds to compete at all levels, from starting out to the Paralympics.

As well as providing specialised equipment, the charity gives sports grants to help with training, physiotherapy, travel and competition fees.

The charity’s aim is to support budding paralympians in the run up to the 2018 South Korea Winter Paralympics and the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics, as well as many other events.


I am hoping to raise at least £500 and to sponsor me, see





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Silly Storm Brian!

Tonight I am waiting patiently to see if the wind is going to back down in time for tomorrow, when I have to take a ferry across The Solent to take part in the Great South Run 2017.

Last year, my son, Matthew, and I had a lovely time at the Great South Run – we went over on the Saturday and Matt did the 1.5km children’s race, while I did the 5k.

Fortunately, we were not booked for Saturday’s races this year, as they have had to be cancelled, due to Storm Brian.

At the moment, it looks like tomorrow’s 10-mile race will go ahead…and it will be my third race in a trilogy of events to raise awareness and money for the Psoriasis Association.

I just hope the wind drops and the passenger catamaran runs…looking at the five-day forecast earlier this week, I didn’t dare book the hovercraft, in case it didn’t run!

Fingers crossed for a reasonable run tomorrow….I doubt it will be fast, as the winds may still be high and I suspect the mostly seafront course will be pretty wet, so I am choosing a pair of my more robust trainers, rather than light racing ones.

I understand the Great South Run will be televised tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for someone with a purple Psoriasis Association t-shirt and purple-pink cosmos-printed leggings!

Anyone who would like to find out more about my fundraising efforts should see:


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Still running … and running … and running!

I finished the British 10k in July in 1.07.21, which was great, as it was a really big race. Afterwards I met the Psoriasis Association team and I have recently featured in the association’s magazine, PSO, for my running efforts.

Since then, I have kept running and my health has gone from strength to strength. I was going to make the New Forest Half Marathon in September my first half, but by some amazing twist of fate, I ended up doing the IW Half Marathon in August first. I ran round with a friend, who was also doing her first half, and although we got tired towards the end, we crossed the line together in 2.36.22.

From there, I did the New Forest Half Marathon on September 10 and I ran round in 2.24.20, which was amazing!

One week on from that, I had a go at the IW Fell Running Series. I did two of the three races and I had a fantastic time…although I really need to be fitter if I expect to do all three races next year.

I have also just been featured in the new Run Deep Magazine!

So what’s next? I have got the Bournemouth Half Marathon on October 8, then the Great South Run (10 miles) on October 22. I might add the Gosport Half Marathon on November 19 to my agenda and I hope to do the Chilly Hilly ten-mile XC race again in December – health permitting.

Next year, I am looking at doing the Paris Half Marathon in March and the ABP Southampton Half Marathon in April – it is the same day as the London Marathon, but I doubt I would get a place in London – there were more than 380,000 runners putting in applications this year!

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On the start line for the British10k

Well I am here in the City of Westminster at 8am on a Sunday morning for the start of the British10k.

I am not sure how many people are taking part, but I understand it can take up to an hour to cross the start line, so it is pretty big.

The atmosphere is already pretty electric, with live hands all over the place.

I may never get to run a London Marathon, but if I don’t, at least I have run a bit race in London … and this one is billed as a big British street party, so I am just going to kick-back and enjoy!

My legs are on show…they are not too bad at the moment, although the psoriasis has broken out on my face again!

I am looking forward to seeing my fellow TeamPSO  runners… I understand there are nine of us.

Just over a hour to the start…..

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The final countdown to the British 10k

THIS Sunday, I will be running the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k (aka the British 10k) in aid of the Psoriasis Association.

It is hard to believe it has come round so fast. My training has needed to strike the balance between keeping fit enough to do a six-mile run and not doing anything to upset my immune system!

But I have managed four 10k races since April, including two cross-country ones, so I know I can do the distance.

At the beginning of this week I did a four-day running streak of gentle runs of between 2.5 and 5 miles, which has been really good, and now I am just resting and eating healthily until race day.

I still need your help on the fundraising side, so if you can spare a few pounds, please go to:



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Two weeks to go!

Yesterday I had a reasonable run in the Brading 10k on the Isle of Wight, which was the dress rehearsal for the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k (aka the British 10k) in two weeks time.

I found Brading’s undulating course a bit challenging – luckily I think the London course is flatter!

I have come a long way since Christmas. At New Year, I was plastered with nasty red raw spots, I couldn’t keep skin on my feet – even on a quarter-mile run – and my sinuses and lungs were absolutely full of rubbish.

Today, the only trace of the spots on most of my body are small purple blemishes and although I still have a fair amount of muck in my nose, ears and chest, plenty of steroid spray and nose-blowing will see me through a six-mile run – although I do experience a lot of ear-popping.

My left foot is still a mess, but I find that applying plenty of Vaseline or coconut oil before a race means I am less likely to blister.

Today my number for the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k has arrived in the post, so it is all go for London, where I will be wearing a purple t-shirt and doing my best to raise awareness and money for the Psoriasis Association, a registered charity which supports sufferers, funds research and raises awareness for this chronic auto-immune condition.

Please sponsor me if you can, see




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